2009 RAMA Marketer of the Year Awards

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield


Semi-finalist: Online Marketer of the Year

Case Study:
In early December BlueCross BlueShield recognized that the HealthyBlue product had lower prices and better benefit plans compared to the competition. In a very short timeframe, BCBS developed and launched a campaign to capture this competitive advantage and communicate it to its small business decision makers. Leveraging their consumer open enrollment campaign, BCBS launched a business-to-business integrated online campaign with a HealthyBlueCostsLess.com URL to convey the value proposition. Key campaign objectives included: having 25% of the targeted small business and broker audiences seek more information online, increasing small business unit call volumes by 50%, and reaching target direct mail cost per of sale of $300. The campaign included a mix of online, traditional and non-traditional media. Elements included a microsite with cost comparisons and call to action; emails to engage targets, banner ads on popular local sites; Google Ads word search; advertising on TV, newspapers, radio, billboards; and direct mail. Non-traditional elements included mobile billboards, building projection, and airport concourse signage. The campaign was launched on time, within budget and exceeded objectives for generating awareness and new sales. The website had more than 4,000 unique visits and an online response of 44%, sales call volumes increased 250%, and direct mail cost per sale was under the target.

Judges Comments:
“Tremendous amount accomplished in 5 days. Significant business results. Blend of online and offline techniques. Very impressive”