2011 Rochester ADDY® Awards

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Interactive Media
Websites, Consumer HTML/Other, Products

Brian Moyer – Mad Scientist, StormFrog
Steve Nowicki, Project Manager/Tech Lead/Senior Developer
Nicholas Livadas, Flash Developer
Joe Burgess, Flash Developer
Tatjana Loepker, Back End Development
Nate Rode, Social Media Integration
Chuck Doerflinger, Project Manager

Tina Hopkins – Executive Producer, Haley Miranda Group
Neil Gavigan – Producer, Haley Miranda Group
Rob Buscher – Creative Director, Haley Miranda Group
Novak – Game Designer, Haley Miranda Group
Lindsay Hilton – Account Executive, Haley Miranda Group

Amanda Lomont, Scion Interactive Manager
Kimberley Gardiner - Toyota, Nat’l. Manager of Interactive Marketing Communications
Emily Yamamoto - Toyota Interactive Marketing Planner

Praise from the Judges
“I’m sure it will be a shock to some that something interactive took Best of Show. But categories are agnostic things — they’re just different canvases. An idea is an idea. And a winning idea is a winning idea.”
— Bro. Mike Rovner

“Every single part had a strategy. And each component was executed extremely well. It just shows where marketing is going in the future.”
— Bro. John Topacio

“It stayed simple, easy to navigate, fun to play with, engaging, held your attention, and it’s something you’d pass along to your friends because your experience was solid.”
— Bro. Mark Bazil


Regional/National TV Campaigns, Consumer Products

Jeff Gabel, Chief Creative Officer/Creative Director
Lisa Kreienberg, Creative Director
Gretchen Bye, Art Director
Greg Shainman, Copywriter
Jeremy Schwartz, Executive Creative Director
Kim Diamond, Senior VP/Account Director
Christina Davidson, Account Executive
Melissa Smith, Traffic Manager
John Roberts, Chief Strategic Officer/Account Planner
Michael Chatfield, Account Planner
Karen Kress, Jon-Peter Smith, Senior Mechanical Artists
Erin Dwyer, Proofreader

Praise from the Judges
“You don’t win awards for production quality. But that — coupled with a pretty strong idea, in a market that doesn’t necessarily spit out a lot of big TV — was impressive.”
— Bro. Mike Rovner

“A very, very simple idea — beautifully executed.”
— Bro. Mark Bazil