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Mature Female Voice Talent


Having stood on a chair, at the age of 4, to reach a microphone, Julie now enters the digital age of recording.

For over two decades, Julie's voice has been a source of entertainment as an actress in community theater. She has enriched lives of the blind and visually impaired through WXXI's radio reading service and Geva Theater's live audio description service. Her 40 years of background in science and medicine opens up unique opportunities in voiceover work. Julie has lent her voice to the worldwide project,"VocalID", so those without a voice can be digitally matched and regain speech through their computers.

Julie continues to expand her association with the microphone and the power of the spoken word. Chair no longer required.

Voice Overs For:
  • Commercials
  • Narrations
  • Promos
  • Phone messaging
  • Medical narrations
  • Story telling
Equipment & Facilities
Studio features:

Apple iMac 2.5GHz Quad Core i5
Avid Pro Tools USB Interface
Rode Condenser Microphone
Sony Closed Studio Headphones
CX5 M-Audio 5"Active Monitors

Industries Served
Commercial, Industrial, Corporate & Scientific
"Julie Overbeck is a no nonsense professional, who's only concern is getting your voice job done right, with the feel and interpretation you're looking for. Julie welcomes client input and is very engaging as a person, making each
job experience fun and enjoyable! She really shines in the medical narration arena. I highly recommend Julie!"
- Bob Marini, Creative Director, Summer Productions

"Julie Overbeck has served as a reader at WXXI Reachout Radio (a radio reading service for people who are print handicapped) for many years. Although Julie reads a variety of news and information, her specialty was reading literature and children's programs. Julie has a rich and smooth voice with inflection and expression which brings the copy to life. Her work in theater has also only enhanced her presentation, and helped her transition beautifully to doing audio description of live theater for visually impaired patrons."
- Ruth Phinney, Program Director, WXXI-FM and WXXI Reachout Radio

"I have worked with Julie in many capacities for High School Musicals and Community Theatre for over 20 years, and have consistently found her work as a performer, director and adjudicator to be high quality and professional. Her performance talent and breadth of experience have been an asset to any project where we have worked together."
- Jeff Smith, Member, "Stars of Tomorrow" Steering Committee RBTL Education and Outreach

"Julie Overbeck has a clear and direct style which listeners find inviting. Her voice projects enthusiasm and invokes interest in those who hear her. She is an excellent lector and proclaimer of the Scriptures in our community. You can always count of Julie to be truly present when she speaks.
- Rev. Edward Palumbos, Pastor, Church of the Assumption, Fairport NY
585-317-2558 (Mobile)
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Julie Overbeck

Julie Overbeck
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