FIFTEEN is an advertising agency with different perspectives, an understanding of audience perceptions and a distinct rhythm to produce results.

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Advertising and marketing heavily relies on beauty and communication. It’s one thing to create a logo or come up with a catchy tagline. We know we can do that. The team at FIFTEEN has the structure, experience and artistry to paint beautiful images and convey the message. But what’s different about us is how different we are from one another. We come from different places. We’re influenced by varied specific interest. It’s a collection of unique perspectives that shape the ways we work.

This team recognizes that audiences perceive things differently as well and not everyone will see our work the same ways. So we ask the deeper questions, and open up our own minds and allow the experience of others to inspire, drive and influence our decisions and strategies. It’s how we make better creative with every effort we undertake.

There’s a perpetual rhythm to the way we work. From ideation and to storyboarding, to media buying and analytics, we blend patterns and beats to build well-rounded strategies that resonate with conviction and logic. It results in success for our clients and ourselves, and something that feels complete by design.


Data analysis measures success in real-time and allows for changes to be made to under performing channels by shifting money and efforts to those that are more effective, all on the fly.

Social Network Marketing

Social media can be an extremely useful promotional method. Social marketing is all about creating conversations and sparking interest. We’re able to conduct campaigns across the most popular and influential platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and North Social. Through customized applications and compelling content, we’ll reach the widest, most educated audience, engage conversations and leverage social media in a way that produces maximum returns.

Mobile Optimization

Not all websites are created equal, which is why we develop sites that convey your core values and services, the way they were intended. With the number of internet users accessing content on mobile phones and tablet devices rapidly increasing on a daily basis, it is extremely important that your business has a website that impresses and communicates on any size screen.

Brand Development

Building a solid, trusted relationship between your business and customers is crucial to long term success. We can design a logo that creates instant brand recognition. But brand development doesn’t end at the logo. We’re able to refresh your existing business or build a foundation for your new startup by constructing an appropriate brand tone, look and feel that becomes memorable and timeless.

Brand Casual Gaming

Casual games are extremely powerful digital advertising tools. We are able to design and create addictive and engaging mini-games in a variety of genres such as arcade, puzzle, adventure, trivia and board that are optimized for multiple platforms including consoles, browsers and mobile devices. Casual gamers are looking for a quick, enjoyable break from their daily routines and if your game can advertise your core services and products through an entertaining application that is set within your specific brand tone, consumers will not only play (and even pay for) your game but also feel compelled to investigate your business further.


We offer a full menu for your e-commerce website. Features include robust product settings, seamless and secure checkouts, administrator roles and backend management, and easy-to-use content management. You will receive a totally customized design for your online store, built-in SEO, and coupon codes, in addition to the integration of Google analytics, which will help you manage your online business, track success and make any necessary adjustments for future, desired results.


FIFTEEN researches and implements the latest components, patterns, trends and applications. We make your brand technically sound and current across multiple platforms so it delivers its message clearly and compellingly.


We enjoy building applications that provoke, entertain and inform. These can be tools that your business uses to peak user interest. Such online applications are easily rolled out across several different platforms and require very little maintenance since any and all updates are implemented on the server and then sent out to every user.


Traditional, digital and otherwise. We’re able to advertise your brand the in print, on television, radio, billboards or online maximizing your conversions and producing leads. No matter the medium, we always secure the optimum pricing and placement and employ our vast knowledge of marketplace networks to optimize any campaign.

Visual Design

We’re able to artfully blend elements of graphic design to build brands. More specifically, our designs combine with other disciplines to create compelling and beautiful conceptions for users to interact and educate themselves with. When custom copy speaks is added your brand’s message becomes even more impactful.

User Interface Design

Creating active audience participation is essential, which is why we produce responsive interfaces that function across all internet enabled devices. A beautiful design does very little if it does not work as it was intended. Every interface is custom and leaves the user feeling engaged, rewarded and wanting more.


We always begin with thorough research. Careful planning breeds optimum results. FIFTEEN thoughtfully positions your brand according to past, current and future marketplace tendencies.


We’re able to weave words within a specific brand voice and carry it consistently across several platforms. Because content is so important, we address its generation from multiple angles. We write new and revise several types of content including website copy, taglines, product descriptions, press releases scripts and more.

Digital Advertising & Campaigns

Our digital advertising campaigns are designed to create buzz and consumer interaction. Whether you’re looking to generate brand awareness in a new marketplace or reinvigorate your target audience through compelling offers and direct response, our creative team will design banner ads that effectively convey your business’s tone.

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599 Delaware Ave, STE 215 Buffalo, NY 14202
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