The Holiday Card Collection

Send Us Your Original Holiday Card
We Take Photos, Graphics,
Animation or Video

Annual Card Submission

Every year starting in December, we collect original holiday cards, videos, animations and audio files for our annual promotion. Get creative and send us something!

You can also send cards you've designed for your clients. We'll credit the creative to you and set up a link to your website. Each year these pages attract thousands of unique visitors. One of them could be your next client.

Submission Specs:

  1. Digital Files Only. Save files as a JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF. 700 pixels wide
  2. MP3s, Animated GIFs or Flash files will also be accepted if they are under 500k.
  3. Larger audio or video files can be set up as a link from your website, youtube or vimeo. Send us the link along with a thumbnail graphic that is exactly 220 pixels wide (height can vary).
  4. Submit a new card each year. Every year's collection is archived on the site.


Plan Your Company's Holiday Promotion

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