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"There hasn't been a year when my little AdHub site hasn't paid off for me."
– Laurie Heaven, Heaven Limited

" is a great resource to stay in touch with the external market. I have found several freelancers and agencies that we have partnered with.
– Carol Langella, Manager, Creative Services, Xerox

"AdHub is a terrific website. As Marketing Manager at Biophan Technologies I found it very helpful in a pinch. I was given a huge marketing project that had a very tight deadline. I used the adhub to get a list of agencies that might help me out. Some were agencies I knew well, others were new to me. From that list I picked 12, culled it down to 6 and started making phone calls the middle of that afternoon. By 11:00 that night I had an agency on board. For client-side marketers, AdHub's lists of agencies, freelancers of all talents, and connections to other marketing gurus is an extremely valuable resource."
– Virginia Brandreth

"Thanks to AdHub, I gained a client from the Southern Tier in the growing niche market of language interpreting. The company recently added a second office in Syracuse and serves its' target consumers throughout NY State and Pennsylvania. We fit perfectly with this client's needs and both they and our agency will grow as a result of this collaboration."
– Stephen Chirello, Steve Chirello Advertising

"Thank you for posting the Graphic Designer position on AdHub. We had a tremendous response with many qualified candidates and we extended an offer which was accepted.”
– Kim Gillis, Alleson Athletic

"A while back I told you that as a result of AdHub, I was invited to be part of an agency's proposal to a major company for writing services. I hadn't heard from them for months, so assumed they had not gotten the contract. But just recently they emailed me that they indeed had won the contract. It could mean as much as 5 years of steady writing for me! So thanks again – this AdHub stuff really works.”
– Robert Schalit Freelance Copywriter

"AdHub is a terrific help with our recruiting at Catalyst! We’ve had great success posting jobs – both full–time as well as contract assignments. The “Favorites” list is a great feature on the site that allows me to record notes on various folks that advertise on this site – a real time saver when I need to look for contract help. Many times we have a last–minute need and my first call is to Walter – he has a great pulse on the marketing community, quickly understands our needs and comes back with recommendations. We regularly post our creative and marketing openings on this site and get positive results. Highly recommend The AdHub for both researching and recruiting needs.”
– Karen D'Angelo, Catalyst

"My business as an architectural and aerial photographer depends on getting found by potential clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in that process.
A critical component in SEO visibility for programs like Google is highly relative inbound links to your web site. My listings with AdHub and the links to my site from AdHub have proven to be very helpful in retaining my high ranking with Google and other search engines. My SEO visibility directly to my AdHub site also consistently ranks very high.
My investment with AdHub repays itself many times over every year and it is why it remains one of my most important marketing tools.
– Jim Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh Photography

"I've used the adhub site for about 6 years. It's a great one–stop resource for finding all types of advertising/marketing vendors and more!
– Sharon Burns, Energetix

"AdSource was a great 20th century resource, but in the flat, digital world of the 21st, AdHub is the way to go. For example, a drug research company in Florida found my AdHub profile during a Google search and they've become a regular client."
– Bob Loeb, Robert Loeb Communications

"AdHub is an exceptional vehicle that we in the industry are fortunate to have at our disposal. I cannot begin to tell you how much of our business lately (and in past years too), has come through your site."
– Mary Therese Friel, Mary Therese Friel, LLC

"I just wanted to let you know that I got a great new client through AdHub. The new communications director at a large credit union found my AdHub profile during a Google search. I just turned in my first two assignments and we have a meeting next week to discuss a larger project. I've had other hits off my AdHub page, one of which turned into a long–term client, but was surprised and impressed to find that a major regional bank found me through Google!"
– Laurie Heaven, Heaven Limited

"AdHub is a great site. It has been a source of many qualified leads for my business, and I recommend it as a primary resource for those seeking Web, advertising, and marketing help."
– Will Weidman, Weidman Consulting Inc

" is the best resource I have for keeping up–to–date with trade information that I need. I particularly appreciate that my affordable membership entitles me to list my business where local people searching for services like mine will likely find it. I am very happy to recommend as an excellent site and an excellent value."
– Mary Kay Colling, Mary Kay Colling Illustration

"We’re pretty new to AdHub, looking to get our name out there. This past weekend we had two clients who, while researching for ad agencies, both saw our listing on AdHub and thought enough of it to mention it to us when we asked where they heard about our company."
– Helaine Rose, President, Expertmedia Inc

"Posting our job on AdHub was a big success. We received interest from many qualified candidates right away."
– Patricia Carlino, Calm & Sense Communications

“As the owner of K2 Communications, I have found the AdHub to be a great asset to our team. Not only can we find freelancers and other resources, but companies can find us. A few years ago, a start–up manufacturer set out to find a smaller scale agency by using As a result, we were contacted and from there gained a long–term client whom we continue to work with today.”
– Claire Kaler, K2 Communications

" has been instrumental in our online marketing efforts over the past year. Even with just a basic listing, we found Adhub to be a top referral source for our agencyís website that consistently brings in qualified leads. We also find that Adhub is a great resource for finding freelancers which allows us to utilize some of the best talent in Rochester. We look forward to exploring new ways to promote ourselves through the site.î
– Andrew Fisher, Director of Interactive Media, Twin Advertising

"A week after upgrading from the Basic to the Gallery Listing and creating my portfolio, I got a call for a quote to redesign a website. My new client and I are now in the process of working together! Money more than well invested! I'll do it again."
– Michel Godts, Michel Godts.eDesign

"Adhub really helped me and my team beat our deadline! We were able to create a whole new product line for our startup company in just 6 months. The local designers you recommended were top notch, in fact, I still employ some of them right now. Thanks again."
– Kenneth Rando, Sr Art Director, NewPath Learning

"AdHub works. After putting it off far too long, I finally signed up for a listing, and sure enough, a call from a client came in within weeks. Not only does AdHub get you business, it connects you to a ready pool of available local talent when you need it for a project, it keeps you up–to–date on events, jobs, people, it's informative, it's affordable, it's useful.
If you want to be instantly networked into the local media community –– and get jobs and clients –– Adhub is the place to go. It's the best advertising resource in Upstate New York. Listing here is one of the smartest investments you can make."
– David Pascal, Pascal & Associates

"Not only do I advertise on the AdHub but I use it. I never know what my next job is going to include and when it involves areas outside my expertise, I need to find resources real quick. I can't find such a variety of services in one spot anywhere else. It's a great resource that I pass on whenever I can."
– Cathy Kimball, 2ndLook Graphic Design

"Just wanted to let you know that I got a lead from the holiday card promotion. A local artistan who needs a website called after he saw my card and then viewed my portfolio. The Holiday Cards Rock!"
– Kelly Cheatle, Greener Pastures Design & Illustration

"I've gained several new clients as a direct result of my business listing and my columns on the AdHub. I've also connected with other AdHub members to explore potential business partnerships, which would allow each of us to expand the creative services we can offer our clients. These are contacts that I probably wouldn't have made if not for my listing on AdHub. Thank you for providing an outstanding professional resource!"
– Sally Bacchetta, Freelance Writer

"The AdHub is the perfect solution for a self–employed professional to be instantly networked with other media professionals. The site is very easy to use and has already paid off by generating work for my business."
Anmari Linardi, Photographer

"I am a freelance writer in Westchester County who got a lead from that led to a cover story for a company in the Rochester area."
– Anne Field, Freelance Writer

"As a Rochester, New York based marketing consultant who specializes in developing marketing strategies, tactics and implementation for services businesses, I rely on a virtual team of top notch marketing professionals to bring impactful marketing to my local and national clients. In tracking my website traffic, I am finding a significant and increasing number of referrals that are coming from the AdHub. In addition, I have found that the AdHub is a great resource to continually search for and acquire talented marketing professionals for my virtual team. The AdHub has truly become an important part of the marketing mix for my own business. Keep it going and growing!
– Jim Payne, President, Market Strategies

"AdHub has always been a great resource to locate vendors for our design projects. Recently, it became an even better selling tool when we discovered that a potential client did a keyword search for "Collateral" under "Graphic Designers on the AdHub site. They included us in their rfp list and we were eventually awarded the project. Thanks for helping us land the job!"
– Leslie Van Auken, Partner, Van Auken Margolis & Associates

"I spent almost $1,900 this past spring on a 13–week display advertising campaign for my company in a weekly business newspaper. It yielded exactly one lukewarm inquiry about my services. I then spent $50 for a listing in AdHub, and within one month it yielded a very positive inquiry that led to a substantial subcontract agreement for my services. Clearly, AdHub is the go–to source for serious buyers of media services––a virtual one–stop "publishing mall" for them."
– Steve McCabe, President, Wordwright Editorial Services, Inc.

"As a designer and media buyer for a corporate communications department, I had always relied on the Ad Source guidebook to keep me in touch with the business and services I needed to create successful marketing pieces. Now with the AdHub website, the information that I need is even more current and easily accessible than before. The AdHub gives me a variety of ways to search, so finding the right people for the job is quick and easy. In our business, things change fast. helps me keep up with who is doing what in the creative business community in our region."
– Charles Doerflinger, CPAC, Inc.

"I have found AdHub to be a valuable and convenient source for locating regional talent."
– Tim Downs, Executive Creative Director, Martino Flynn

"I wanted to let you know that we have filled the Marketing Specialist position. We received many applications and inquiries as a result of the posting on your site. We appreciate your assistance. Thank you!"
– Twanda D. Christensen, Marketing Manager, The Summit Federal Credit Union was formerly AdSource — Read Feedback on the Printed Directory

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