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Judy Shenouda A Time to be Planting, A Time to be Sowing…

by Judith Shenouda, Shenouda Associates Inc.

July 2010

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starting a seedling project in the whirlwind of the work week

Business is thumping with the same ole projects and services that you have always been able to turn out, but there is a new project in the earliest of stages that you cannot wait to help grow into a money-maker for your company. But, where’s the time to work on it? How can you get this seedling project to grow while dealing with the demands of your typical work week?

identifying the project you would like to work on

I have been looking to compile lessons I have learned over the years and encapsulate these seeds of wisdom into a profitable project. I imagine the project blossoming into a workshop, a speech, or perhaps even into a book. However, I often find that these seedling projects get planted, but require the proper attention from me, the gardener, in order to take root and grow. It is not that these projects will not be profitable eventually, but, the way I see it, “doing real work that clients need and want (and for which payment is forthcoming) has its advantages – particularly during economically challenging times,” such as in our current economy. So, once we have identified the projects we would like to work on, the question remains, how does one find the time to cultivate a seedling project in the whirlwind of the work week?

finding the time to plant your garden

The solution to my dilemma became clear when I ran into a former colleague and current SCORE advisor. This garden helper assessed the marketability of my proposed product and helped me decide that yes, growing this seedling project would be worth the time and effort. Once we decided this project could thrive, my SCORE advisor encouraged me to look into my busy workweek and carve out a bunker where I would have time to care for the seedling project, enabling it to grow into a flowering, profitable plant. For this specific project, I decided that rolling up my sleeves on Saturday morning every week to cultivate this seedling project would be the best way to see make my garden grow! Look at your week. Is there a time that you could set aside regularly to work on your seedling project? It could be every Friday, every fourth morning, or 15 minutes a day. The important part is to carve out some time to work on your project—now!

cultivating your garden

Since I have made the decision to work on my project one morning a week, I have found that this seedling project has moved from the wispy winds of the work week to solid ground where it can take root and grow. Why? Because I made it a priority! I also found a friendly gardener who works alongside me. She is a capable researcher, organizer, writer, and editor—skills that are needed to make this garden grow. Together, we are making excellent progress toward cultivating this seedling into a beautiful, marketable plant. Imagine what you could be saying about the progress of your seedling project after just a few weeks or a few months. In a year, you could be smelling the roses from your garden project, now in full bloom.



Judith Ellison Shenouda earned a Master of Arts degree in Literacy Journalism from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She completed additional courses in curriculum design and development, group dynamics, information studies, publication management and project management; and has New York State Certification to teach Secondary English. She is owner of Shenouda Associates Inc., a business that eases communication through its publication services, which include writing the publications that support new product development. An experienced educator and accomplished communicator, she would be pleased to speak to your organization on topics related to starting a business and keeping it going; creating effective technical, business, and marketing communications; and managing the projects in your professional and personal life.

Company Profile: Shenouda Associates Inc.
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