2016 Buffalo ADDY Awards



Client Strategy Director, FARM

I had no idea what I was getting into.

They told me it'd be hard work, countless meetings and thankless hours. I did it anyway. I joined the board in 2011 and started by helping Kim Pentheros with AdLab. We turned it into something great. I was then asked to be president and simply worked hard from there to continue the momentum the Club had.

With a lot of help, the club experienced great events, solid ADDY shows, expanded membership, more student involvement, a District 2 Leadership Conference in Buffalo, a chat with Seth Godin, and more than the occasional "networking" cocktail.

After more emails than most inboxes can handle, a few years of weekly 7 am meetings at Spot Coffee, and monthly board meetings at various agency offices, this all turned out to be one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences of my career.

I feel that the relationships I’ve built through my time serving the club infinitely outweigh any sacrifice of time (or stress!), and I’m proud to still be a part of it all. It also helped me make the switch from client side to agency side—thank you Ad Club, thank you FARM.

And thank you to all of the board members for being so generous with your time and talent, to Charlie Riley for turning over the keys to club to me, and most importantly, to my beautiful wife, Karen, for the encouragement to join the board and the selfless tolerance of my many absences from home while tending to club matters.

Without this collective support, receiving this award would have never been possible

This award recognizes not only hard work, but also outstanding achievement in furthering the activities and interests of the club. All past recipients have shown dedication, commitment, and service to the club that went above and beyond the call of duty.



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