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D & D Mailing Services 845-562-6572, Hudson Valley NY
D & D Printing 716-822-1422, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Buffalo NY
D & H Bag Lady Inc 585-425-8095, Rochester NY
D & R Technical Solutions, Inc. 607-754-2200, Freelance Copywriter Southern Tier NY
D Pagan Communications 631-659-2309, Public Relations Long Island NY
D&O Print Solutions 315-939-1300, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Syracuse NY
D'Alba IT Services LLC 914-833-1400, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Westchester NY
D-Train Media 585-568-7980, Video Production Crew Rochester NY
D.C. Theatricks 716-847-0180, Costumes & Wardrobe Buffalo NY
D.J. Moore Advertising Inc 518-456-3666, Albany NY
D.L. Specialties 585-924-3335, Rochester NY
D.V.D. Transfer Co 585-787-0581, Rochester NY
D4 585-385-4040, Rochester NY
DAC Group/Hutchins 585-546-6470, Rochester NY
Daedal Design 585-802-3141, Rochester NY
Dagastine & Co. PR 518-785-2724, Albany NY
Dahl Taylor, Illustrator 518-432-0645, Albany NY
Daily Messenger 585-394-0770, Publication Rochester NY
Daily Star, The 607-432-1000, Publication Southern Tier NY
DairyBusiness Communications 315-387-3441, Publication Syracuse NY
Daisy Flour Mill 585-381-1880, Rochester NY
Dal Pos Architects LLC 315-422-0201, Interior Designers Commercial Residential Syracuse NY
Dalbec Audio Laboratory 518-272-7098, Albany NY
Dale Anderson 585-647-2797, Rochester NY
Dale Carnegie Training 518-220-2092, Albany NY
Daley Advertising 631-929-3686, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
Dalmath Associates, Inc. 585-586-6650, Advertising Agency Rochester NY
Damon & Morey LLP 716-856-5500, Buffalo NY
Damsel Fly Designs 914-533-6500, Meeting Decoration Westchester NY
Dan Doyle Photography 518-210-3355, Albany NY
Dan Hurd 203-371-7416, Fairfield CT
Dan Jacobs 518-441-3746, Albany NY
Dan Lenard • Buffalo Voice Over Talent 716-689-8179, Buffalo NY
Dan McCormack 845-626-2794, Hudson Valley NY
Dan Mulcahy 585-721-3753, Rochester NY
Dan Neuberger 585-482-1976, Rochester NY
Dan O'Connor Photography 518-222-8851, Photographer Vermont
Dan Sheedy 585-394-2532, Rochester NY
Dan Small Presents 607-280-2900, Southern Tier NY
Dan Terry 585-359-2615, Rochester NY
Dan Vecchio Photography (DV8) 315-420-1890, Syracuse NY
Dan's 631-537-0500, Internet Portals Long Island NY
Dan's Papers 631-537-0500, Newspapers Long Island NY
Dancing Mice Productions 716-885-5050, Buffalo NY
Dandelion Design 518-283-9474, Albany NY
Daniel Fardella 631-256-6192, Freelance Copywriter Long Island NY
Daniel Hoh + Associates, Inc. 585-232-2880, Graphic Designer Art Director Rochester NY
Daniel S. Krieger Photography & Video Productions Inc 631-928-8417, Video Production Company Long Island NY
Daniel Sack/Pataphysics 716-885-8935, Buffalo NY
Daniel Sack/Pataphysics 716-885-8935, Buffalo NY
Daniel Stomka 607-256-1976, Southern Tier NY
Danielle Minnella 631-827-9951, Production Stylist Hair & Makeup Artist Long Island NY
Danielle Zielinski Photography 585-352-8864, Rochester NY
Danka Office Imaging 585-486-2200, Rochester NY
Dansen Prepress Corp 716-632-9737, Prepress-Premedia Services Buffalo NY
Dansville Chamber Of Commerce 585-335-6920, Chambers Of Commerce Rochester NY
Dansville-Wayland Pennysaver 585-335-6330, Publication Rochester NY
Dantzler Photo 845-887-5148, Hudson Valley NY
Dark Horse Marketing 914-632-1584, Westchester NY
Darklight Studio 585-426-3511, Rochester NY
Darkroom Imaging 315-336-9152, Photo Custom Labs Syracuse NY
Darl Zehr Photography 607-756-2159, Southern Tier NY
Darleen Pickering Hummert Casting 716-883-7942, Buffalo NY
Darleen Pickering Hummert Casting 716-883-7942, Buffalo NY
DartE Productions 315-472-2369, Syracuse NY
Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theater Inc 877-326-2611, Theatre Groups Southern Tier NY
Data Design Group, Ltd 716-289-3055, Buffalo NY
Data Key Communications, Inc. 315-445-2347, Syracuse NY
Data Marketing Group 631-586-5800, Direct Marketing Long Island NY
Data Scan Technologies 585-383-1190, Information Management Rochester NY
Data Vault Storage Services Inc 585-235-3380, Information Management Rochester NY
Dataflow, Inc. 607-562-2196, Southern Tier NY
Dataflow, Inc. 607-272-8589, Southern Tier NY
Dataflow, Inc. 607-772-2001, Southern Tier NY
Dataflow, Inc. 518-449-2192, Albany NY
DataLan Corp 914-288-0600, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Westchester NY
Datatel Inc 716-847-8800, Buffalo NY
Datatronics Information Systems 716-876-5320, Buffalo NY
DataViz, Inc. 800-733-0030, New Haven CT
Dataworx Consulting Services Inc 607-753-6933, Southern Tier NY
Dave Bergstein Draws 914-764-9300, Westchester NY
Dave Burbank Photography 607-272-4693, Southern Tier NY
Dave Feiden Worldwide Photographic Service 518-374-2001, Albany NY
Dave Joslin 585-271-4438, Rochester NY
Dave Pierce Communications 585-396-1274, Rochester NY
David Allan Productions 518-785-7714, Albany NY
David Austin Clar 585-247-2050, Rochester NY
David Candlena Graphic Design 716-694-5938, Buffalo NY
David Collins Productions Inc 716-633-6895, Buffalo NY
David Cooper Associates Limited 585-248-5110, Rochester NY
David Cowles Illustrations 585-381-0910, Rochester NY
David Dayger Photography 315-695-2580, Syracuse NY
David Delmonico 585-734-7341, Rochester NY
David DePhillips Producer Director 516-761-8594, Video Editing Post Production Long Island NY
David Ditzel Photography 585-704-8072, Rochester NY
David Donelson 914-949-9620, Westchester NY
David Donelson 914-949-9620, Westchester NY
David Dorsey 585-381-3016, Rochester NY
David E. Rohr 585-746-7082, Rochester NY
David Gordon Photography 716-833-2661, Buffalo NY
David Greer Smith 585-389-1504, Rochester NY
David J Rust Advertising 716-885-0572, Buffalo NY
David J. LeVant, Inc. 585-385-1387, Freelance Copywriter Rochester NY
David Klein Marketing 518-439-4453, Albany NY
David LaChimia 585-544-0417, Rochester NY
David Lamb Photography 585-377-4080, Rochester NY
David Lubell Animation 607-397-9102, Albany NY
David McManus 716-876-1912, Buffalo NY
David McManus 716-876-1912, Buffalo NY
David Nadeau Design 585-576-9545, Rochester NY
David Pascal & Associates 585-643-1167, Freelance Copywriter Rochester NY
David Paul Advertising Inc 516-764-1720, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
David Pavelka Creative Services 206-940-7839, Rochester NY
David Peroni & Associates Inc 315-334-4126, Syracuse NY
David Photo Service 716-835-4620, Buffalo NY
David Pronko 585-359-4375, Rochester NY
David Reece 585-266-3762, Rochester NY
David Revette Photography 315-463-4499, Syracuse NY
David Ruether Photography & Video 607-277-2451, Southern Tier NY
David Shepard Associates 631-271-5567, Long Island NY
David T. Memmel Inc 585-288-2844, Rochester NY
David Warren Connelly 315-253-3370, Syracuse NY
David Williams Web Design 607-587-9275, Internet Website Design & Programming Southern Tier NY
David Williamson Co. Inc. 716-852-0026, Buffalo NY
David Wilson Burnham Photographer 585-703-3374, Rochester NY
DaVinci Prototypes 585-235-8090, Rochester NY
Davis Graphics & Printing 607-277-6793, Advertising Specialties Southern Tier NY
Davis Media LLC 315-794-0895, Syracuse NY
Days Inn Binghamton 607-724-6873, Meeting & Conference Center Southern Tier NY
Days Work Design 585-454-0389, Internet Website Design & Programming Rochester NY
Daystar Productions 315-773-5673, Syracuse NY
DB&B Peak Performance Management 315-451-8797, Syracuse NY
DBA Communications 607-256-1623, Southern Tier NY
DC Graphics & Marketing Inc 914-769-1530, Westchester NY
DC Photography & Web Design 716-884-3241, Buffalo NY
DC Studio 585-426-1480, Rochester NY
DC Works 585-414-3333, Rochester NY
DCP Marketing Services LLC 631-491-5343, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
DCW Advertising 631-421-8200, Media Planners Media Buyers Ad Placement Long Island NY
dD Graphics 585-288-8315, Rochester NY 716-893-8671, Buffalo NY
Deaf Rochester Film Festival 585-475-6858, Film Festivals Rochester NY
Deb McGwin Photo and Design 585-576-7333, Rochester NY
Debbie Waltzer 585-442-2838, Rochester NY
DeBergerac Productions Inc 585-678-9132, Video Production Company Rochester NY
Deborah Mangiamele 585-381-3939, Rochester NY
Deborah Mesibov Design 845-548-9678, Hudson Valley NY
Deborah Netti 585-271-1930, Rochester NY
Deborah Sirulnik 413-567-0192, Massachusetts
Deborah Walley Graphic Design 631-239-5149, Long Island NY
Debra Sheen 585-385-3414, Rochester NY
Decal Techniques Inc 631-491-1800, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
DeCarr Studio 716-754-2731, Buffalo NY
Decattus 845-888-0539, Hudson Valley NY
Deckard Studios 716-366-4137, Southern Tier NY
Decker 860-659-1311, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Decker Advertising 607-746-2178, Southern Tier NY
Declare Creative Services 518-796-4500, Albany NY
Decorate By Plan 716-837-6435, Interior Designers Commercial Residential Buffalo NY
Decorative Arts Studio By R&R Muto 585-232-6030, Rochester NY
Decorcal Inc 631-221-7200, Signs Long Island NY
Dede Hatch Photography 607-273-0244, Southern Tier NY
Dee Densmore-D'Amico 315-682-3235, Syracuse NY
Deelicious Web Design 585-786-3850, Buffalo NY
Deerstooth Murals 914-671-0176, Westchester NY
Definitive Marketing & Communications Inc 631-271-3131, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
Dehm Associates 585-243-4427, Rochester NY
Del Monte Lodge 585-381-9900, Meeting & Conference Center Rochester NY
DeLapa Photography 585-392-3886, Rochester NY
Delaware County Chamber Of Commerce 607-746-2281, Chambers Of Commerce Southern Tier NY
Delaware County Times Inc 607-746-2176, Publication Southern Tier NY
Delaware Valley Arts Alliance 845-252-7576, Arts Council Hudson Valley NY
Deley Photography 716-553-2598, Buffalo NY
Delfico Advertising 845-896-5420, Hudson Valley NY
Delfino Marketing Communications, Inc. 914-747-1400, Westchester NY
Delft Printing Inc 716-683-1100, Sheetfed Printers Buffalo NY
Dellas Graphics, Inc. 315-474-4641, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Syracuse NY
Delmar Spotlight 518-439-4949, Publication Albany NY
DeLorme Mapping 800-227-1656, Digital Maps & Map Makers Vector Maps GIS Maine
Delphi Communications 914-725-8000, Internet Website Design & Programming Westchester NY
Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD) 315-671-0807, Syracuse NY
Delta Stratagem 585-387-0999, Rochester NY
Deltron Designs 203-790-8484, Advertising Agency Fairfield CT
DeLuca Design 585-482-3292, Rochester NY
demme photography 585-944-3126, Photographer Rochester NY
Democrat & Chronicle 585-258-2768, Publication Rochester NY
Dengler Location Recording 585-232-6190, Rochester NY
Denis J. Nally Photography 518-438-9082, Albany NY
Denison Creative 585-288-6211, Rochester NY
Dennis Noskin Architects 914-631-2345, Westchester NY
Denonville Inn 585-671-1550, Rochester NY
Denton Publications 518-873-6368, Publishers Albany NY
Denver Miller Imaging 585-385-2862, Rochester NY
DePaul's T-Shirt Factory 585-325-2900, Rochester NY
Depew Bee 716-632-4700, Publication Buffalo NY
Deposit Courier 607-467-2191, Publication Southern Tier NY
Depot Theatre 518-962-4449, Theatre Groups Albany NY
Derycke Motorsports 585-271-6165, Rochester NY
Design Audio Visual Inc. 631-694-3334, AV Equipment Meeting Event Staging Lighting Rigging Sound Equipment Long Island NY
Design By RAS 585-436-2510, Rochester NY
Design By Sue 845-561-2704, Hudson Valley NY
Design by Wendy 860-417-8337, Graphic Designer Art Director Litchfield CT
Design Circus 716-982-7248, Buffalo NY
Design Collaborative Inc 914-636-1991, Interior Designers Commercial Residential Westchester NY
Design Concepts 631-321-8200, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
Design Department, Inc. 716-873-5008, Advertising Agency Buffalo NY
Design Details 716-873-3194, Buffalo NY
Design FM 585-346-2441, Rochester NY
Design Frame 585-395-1844, Rochester NY
Design Function Inc 518-798-2811, Albany NY
Design Matrix Inc 518-842-2474, Albany NY
Design Matters 585-586-0861, Rochester NY
Design Photo Service, Inc. 716-675-8555, Buffalo NY
Design Plus 585-382-9851, Rochester NY
Design Prototyping Technology 315-434-1869, Industrial Product Design & Development Human Factors Ergonomics Protyping Syracuse NY
Design Services Inc 585-241-9920, CAD Graphics Rochester NY
Design Solutions 845-454-7242, Hudson Valley NY
DesignAbility, Inc. 716-626-9161, Buffalo NY
Designers Folding Box Corp 716-853-5141, Package Manufacturing & Printing Buffalo NY
DesignFrog Studio 585-820-6604, Rochester NY
DesignNY Magazine 716-667-1659, Publication Buffalo NY
Designs By Michele 631-424-5322, Graphic Designer Art Director Long Island NY
Designs By Shock 585-321-0140, Rochester NY
Designsmith Collaborative Inc 203-785-9109, Set Design, Scenery & Prop Construction New Haven CT
DesignWorks 716-373-6576, Southern Tier NY
DesignWorks 845-339-3088, Hudson Valley NY
DeskSet Ltd 585-641-0303, Office Environments Rochester NY
Desktop Designs 315-724-8496, Syracuse NY
Desktop Solutions Software Inc 631-493-3422, Internet Website Design & Programming Long Island NY
Desmond Hotel & Conference Center 518-869-8100, Meeting & Conference Center Albany NY
Desmond Media & Marketing 518-584-1690, Albany NY
Dessert HR Solutions Inc 585-249-5149, Rochester NY
Developmental Milestone Productions 716-883-8477, Buffalo NY
Devil Bear Solutions 585-359-9798, Rochester NY
DeVoe Associates Marketing & PR 518-573-0773, Albany NY
Devon Karn 716-768-1814, Buffalo NY
Dewey Neild Photography 607-257-0688, Southern Tier NY
DeZineZone 585-768-9710, Internet Website Design & Programming Rochester NY
DFP Graphics 212-366-3800, Commercial Printers Digital Printing New York City NY
DG Consulting 888-419-4994, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Rochester NY
DHL Global Mail 516-652-9241, Direct Mail Services Long Island NY
DI Highway Sign & Structure 315-736-8312, Signs Syracuse NY
Diamond Contract Manufacturing, LLC 585-334-8030, Rochester NY
Diamond Packaging 585-334-8030, Package Manufacturing & Printing Rochester NY
Diamond Visionics 607-729-8593, Southern Tier NY
Diana Garcia 315-525-6897, Syracuse NY
Diana Harder-Clynes 518-456-5408, Albany NY
Diana Stutz Design 860-780-0485, Graphic Designer Art Director Hartford CT
Diane Cameron 518-456-2898, Albany NY
Diane Fitzgerald-Harris Design 585-732-9282, Rochester NY
Diane Palma 518-588-4454, Albany NY
DiCenso Productions, Lea 716-681-8644, Buffalo NY
Dick Stein Advertising, Inc. 716-835-2202, Advertising Specialties Buffalo NY
Dickson Communications 716-483-3967, Southern Tier NY 516-255-0500, New York City NY
Die-Max of Rochester, Inc 585-288-3912, Rochester NY
DIF Design 413-788-0654, Internet Website Design & Programming Massachusetts
Dig 716-218-7357, Coworking Sites Shared Work Space Buffalo NY
DiGennaro Communications 212-966-9525, Advertising Agency New York City NY
DigiCopy Print Center 585-889-5870, Rochester NY
Digital Ad Experience 716-860-2244, Buffalo NY
Digital Arts Multimedia 716-308-3650, Internet Website Design & Programming Buffalo NY
Digital Cinema Productions 585-746-2317, Video Production Company Rochester NY
Digital Cut 631-680-8316, Video Editing Post Production Long Island NY
Digital Dog Design 203-270-6669, Fairfield CT
Digital Dreams Media Inc 917-495-8610, Hudson Valley NY
Digital Image & Sound Corp. 585-381-0410, Rochester NY
Digital Imaging Technologies 518-885-4400, Albany NY
Digital Incite Inc 585-266-2603, Rochester NY
Digital Information Gallery 716-885-1875, Buffalo NY
Digital Language Services 585-586-5910, Rochester NY
Digital Lightning 585-475-1177, Digital Imaging & Retouching Rochester NY
Digital Manipulation 585-244-8387, Rochester NY
Digital Media Solutions LLC 203-268-7383, Duplication & Replication Services Fairfield CT
Digital Millworks 315-853-3700, Syracuse NY
Digital Motion Advertising & Marketing 631-589-9155, Long Island NY
Digital Page 518-446-9129, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Albany NY
Digital Poster Art 716-838-2276, Large Format Printing Buffalo NY
Digital Pulp 212-679-0676, New York City NY
Digital Rochester 585-330-9797, Association Rochester NY
Digital Sight-Werks 585-872-1751, Rochester NY
Digital Video Dynamix 516-349-5218, Video Editing Post Production Long Island NY
Digital Video Productions 203-743-7663, Duplication & Replication Services Fairfield CT
Digital Vision Productions 516-829-2212, Video Production Company Long Island NY
Digitech Publishing, Inc. 585-436-3100, Rochester NY
Digitography 585-872-5489, Rochester NY
DiGiulio & Krypel Advertising 716-856-3877, Buffalo NY
Dill Design & Advertising, Inc 518-580-9622, Albany NY
DIMACC, Inc. 716-636-6001, Buffalo NY
Dimdim Inc 617-418-3116, Massachusetts
Dina Barone Creative Group 716-435-3976, Buffalo NY
Dina Corsetti 585-227-2528, Rochester NY
Dinamic Advertising, Inc. 585-244-6130, Rochester NY
Dino Petrocelli Photography 518-785-7656, Albany NY
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que 315-476-4937, Syracuse NY
DirayTV 203-761-1400, Media Planners Media Buyers Ad Placement Fairfield CT
Dircks Associates, Inc. 631-584-2274, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
Direct Design 585-394-4150, Rochester NY
Direct Impact Associates 518-765-3080, Albany NY
Direct Magazine 208-358-9900, Publication Fairfield CT
Direct Mail Of NY 914-736-2239, Direct Mail Services Westchester NY
Direct Marketing Association Inc 212-790-1500, Association New York City NY
Direct Media 203-532-1000, Direct Marketing Fairfield CT
Direct Response Creative 914-555-5555, Westchester NY
Direct2Market Sales Solutions 585-200-5300, Direct Marketing Rochester NY
Directive Technologies Inc 607-433-2200, Southern Tier NY
DiReggio Advertising 914-669-4970, Westchester NY
DiSalvo Print Production Specialist 585-259-3754, Rochester NY
Disc Graphics Inc 631-234-1400, Package Manufacturing & Printing Long Island NY
Disc Makersª 800-237-6666, Duplication & Replication Services New Jersey
DiscCentral 845-725-7775, Duplication & Replication Services Hudson Valley NY
Discdesign Interacive 315-637-9690, Syracuse NY
Discover Artworks 716-564-9109, Buffalo NY
Discover Rochester 585-284-9938, Publication Rochester NY
Discovery Systems International Inc 315-451-5500, Syracuse NY
Display A Card Marketing 315-468-2228, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Syracuse NY
Display Consultants 516-295-4570, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Long Island NY
Display Solutions, Inc. 716-332-1127, Buffalo NY
Display-Pack Corporation 716-823-2927, Buffalo NY
DisplayCraft 860-747-9110, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Hartford CT
Displays By Rioux 315-458-3639, Syracuse NY
Distributed Object Technologies Inc 585-381-8320, Rochester NY
Ditch Design 518-605-0453, Albany NY
Diva Design 585-473-6662, Graphic Designer Art Director Rochester NY
Diversified Marketing and Media 203-452-8013, Direct Marketing Fairfield CT
Diversipak LLC 585-455-6776, Rochester NY
Diversity Training - Workplace Solutions Inc. 716-308-0644, Buffalo NY
DivShare 315-682-9601, Syracuse NY
Dixon Schwabl Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations 585-383-0380, Advertising Agency Rochester NY
DJ Graphics Co 845-353-8700, Signs Hudson Valley NY
DJD Graphic Arts and Design 315-363-8270, Syracuse NY
DJR Design 585-475-9632, Rochester NY
DM Creative Group, LLC 646-400-5880, Vermont
DM Solutions Inc 845-469-7877, Hudson Valley NY
DM2 Consulting 413-464-7935, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Massachusetts
DMA Associates 716-689-3646, Buffalo NY
DMC Design 845-658-9330, Hudson Valley NY
dmc designs 631-395-9470, Long Island NY
DMF Music 716-838-6150, Buffalo NY
DMG World Media 716-631-2266, Meeting Planners Event Producers Buffalo NY
DMJ Productions 516-284-6046, Long Island NY
Dock 2 Letterpress 585-872-5050, Rochester NY Inc 585-742-8500, Rochester NY
DOCO Quick Print Inc 315-782-0631, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Syracuse NY
Document Security Systems Inc 585-232-1500, Rochester NY
Documentation Strategies Inc 518-432-1233, Albany NY
Documents By Design 716-695-9692, Buffalo NY
DocuScan Solutions, Inc. 585-538-4953, Rochester NY
DocuServe Group LLC 914-220-6455, Westchester NY
Dodge Graphic Press Inc. 315-735-9266, Syracuse NY
Dog Eat Dog Advertising Inc 716-856-0142, Buffalo NY 615-791-6900, Outside NY State
Dolce Norwalk Center 203-852-7300, Meeting & Conference Center Fairfield CT
Dominican College Of Blauvelt 845-359-7800, Hudson Valley NY
Don Blauweiss Advertising & Design 914-779-6846, Westchester NY
Don Cochran Photography 585-624-5980, Rochester NY
Don Cornue - Sign & Art Etc 315-363-8339, Syracuse NY
Don Hassett 585-582-1356, Rochester NY
Don Jagoda Associates Inc 631-454-1800, Long Island NY
Don O'Neil 315-483-6542, Rochester NY
Don Strine Cinematography 585-352-5341, Rochester NY
Don Strine Cinematography 585-352-5341, Rochester NY
Donald E. Ross 585-671-9487, Rochester NY
Donald Elliott Photography 518-453-6553, Albany NY
Donna Antonucci 585-670-9366, Rochester NY
Donna Farrington 585-288-9185, Rochester NY
Donna Gentile Creative 860-416-0838, Litchfield CT
Donna Jordan Dusel 716-627-0100, Buffalo NY
Donna LePine Graphic Design 716-634-8323, Graphic Designer Art Director Buffalo NY
Donna McKenna Casting 631-363-5060, Schools Long Island NY
Donna McKenna Casting 631-363-5060, Modeling Agencies Talent Casting Services Models Actors Voice Talent Trade Shows Long Island NY
Donna Ratzel Design 585-872-4227, Rochester NY
Donna Sharp Blaney 845-228-5812, Hudson Valley NY
Donnelley Marketing 914-697-5855, Westchester NY
Donovan-Wright Associates Inc 585-319-5421, Rochester NY
Dorey Expressions 716-631-1256, Buffalo NY
Dori Dougal 860-456-9041, New London CT
Dornenburg Group 860-231-1310, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Dot Dash Design + Communications 860-748-4620, Graphic Designer Art Director Fairfield CT
dot Publishing Inc. 315-593-2510, Syracuse NY
dotcalm 315-733-3411, Syracuse NY
Dothan Brook Design 802-295-7391, Vermont
Doug Ekings Creative 585-232-9009, Rochester NY
Doug MacDonald Illustration 585-301-2062, Rochester NY
Doug Sprei 703-796-3599, Outside NY State
Doug Waterman 585-482-1433, Rochester NY
Doug Weyand 716-884-5117, Buffalo NY
Doug Weyand 716-884-5117, Buffalo NY
Douglas Baz 845-758-9571, Hudson Valley NY
Douglas Gould & Company 914-833-7093, Westchester NY
Douglas Levere Photo 716-566-7913, Buffalo NY
Douglas Lloyd Photography 315-478-1356, Syracuse NY
Douglas Media Productions Inc 607-771-1190, Southern Tier NY
Dover Enterprises 315-446-1550, Syracuse NY
Dowling College 631-244-3108, Schools Long Island NY
Download Design 716-877-5563, Buffalo NY
Downstairs Cabaret Theatre 585-325-4370, Theatre Groups Rochester NY
Downtown Copy 315-474-4221, Syracuse NY
Downtown Decorations 315-432-0646, Meeting Decoration Syracuse NY
Downtown Graphics & Printing 716-852-8403, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Buffalo NY
Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corp 518-377-9430, Economic Development Agencies Albany NY
Downtown, The Unbound Magazine 585-458-0498, Publication Rochester NY
Downtown360 716-693-8098, Buffalo NY
Dox Electronics Inc 585-473-7766, Rochester NY
DPI Commercial Printing 585-341-3100, Rochester NY
dPost 716-853-0500, Buffalo NY
DPS Video 716-835-4620, Buffalo NY
Dragonfly Blue Design 260-227-5472, Middlesex CT
Drake Media Network 631-742-6839, Public Relations Long Island NY
Drapery Industries Inc 585-232-2080, Interior Designers Commercial Residential Rochester NY
Dream Frames 860-675-8600, Video Production Company Hartford CT
Dream Productions 315-337-7088, Syracuse NY
DreamBuilderStudios 613-936-9040, Syracuse NY
Dreamland Recording Studios 845-338-7151, Hudson Valley NY
Dreamscape Online 315-437-4166, Syracuse NY
Drenzek Advertising/Design 518-843-2934, Albany NY
Drescher Paper Box Inc 716-854-0288, Buffalo NY
Driver's Village 315-452-1556, Meeting & Conference Center Syracuse NY
Drop Dead Design 585-256-0887, Rochester NY
Dropline Design 845-610-4127, Hudson Valley NY
DrumArt 877-378-6278, Signs Albany NY
Drumlins, Inc. 315-446-4555, Meeting & Conference Center Syracuse NY
Drummer Pennysaver 585-344-2055, Publication Buffalo NY
Drury Innovations & Development 716-870-3036, Industrial Product Design & Development Human Factors Ergonomics Protyping Buffalo NY
Dryden Courier 607-387-3181, Publication Southern Tier NY
Dryden Tidbits 607-844-3952, Publication Southern Tier NY
DSD Web Works 315-536-0907, Rochester NY
Dsigndigital 860-246-2800, Video Production Company Hartford CT
Dual Print & Mail LLC 716-684-3825, Buffalo NY
Duffy Moon Design 716-881-9985, Buffalo NY
Dumbwaiter Design 518-475-1081, Rochester NY, Inc. 877-711-3867, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Long Island NY
Duncan Ross Associates 716-434-8030, Buffalo NY
Duncan Studio, Inc. 585-586-3350, Rochester NY
Dunkirk Observer 716-366-3000, Publication Southern Tier NY
Dunn & Rice Design, Inc. 585-473-2880, Rochester NY
Dupli Envelope & Graphics Corp 315-472-1316, Syracuse NY
Duplication Depot Inc 631-752-0608, Duplication & Replication Services Long Island NY
Duplication Specialists Inc 516-867-7300, Duplication & Replication Services Long Island NY
Duplium Corp. 905-709-9930, Outside NY State
Duprey Video Productions 315-539-0823, Rochester NY
Duquette & Partners Inc 716-685-9540, Buffalo NY
Durham Group 860-677-8885, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Durham Ltd 585-218-8610, Package Manufacturing & Printing Rochester NY
Dutchess Community College 845-431-8000, Schools Hudson Valley NY
Dutchess County Arts Council 845-454-3222, Arts Council Hudson Valley NY
Dutchess County Department of Planning 845-486-3600, Economic Development Agencies Hudson Valley NY
Dutchess County Regional Chamber Of Commerce 845-454-1700, Chambers Of Commerce Hudson Valley NY
DV Cyber Design 585-224-3777, Rochester NY
DVDs911 914-788-1555, Duplication & Replication Services Westchester NY
DVideo Inc 914-251-9244, Westchester NY
Dvorak Design Limited 914-271-7706, Hudson Valley NY
DVP Video Production 516-377-1777, Duplication & Replication Services Long Island NY
DWM Productions Inc 716-609-1071, Video Production Company Buffalo NY
DXO Communications 585-272-8930, Rochester NY
Dyam Design 585-473-9080, Rochester NY
DyCOMM 315-926-4221, Rochester NY
Dynacept Corporation 845-278-8500, Hudson Valley NY
DynaMatrix 585-342-0096, Rochester NY
Dynamic Applications Inc 518-283-4654, Internet Website Design & Programming Albany NY
Dynamic Communications Interpretations 585-344-3144, Buffalo NY
Dynamic Designs 315-963-7407, Syracuse NY
Dynamic Recording Studios 585-621-6270, Rochester NY
DynamicDisplay 888-318-8282, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Long Island NY
Dynamix Training & Consulting LLC 585-241-3020, Rochester NY
Dynamo Design Group 585-388-3993, Rochester NY
DynTek 585-224-9247, Rochester NY
Dyrect Media Group Ltd 716-741-6227, Buffalo NY
Dzaman Photography 518-272-6691, Albany NY

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