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J Damico Marketing Communications 845-778-5095, Hudson Valley
J Signs & Advertising 631-758-0707, Long Island
J Studio 585-243-2774, Rochester
J Yang 585-381-5621, Rochester
J&D Printers 607-432-4336, Southern Tier
J&N Computer Services 585-388-8780, Rochester
J&S Promotions 315-343-1814, Advertising Specialties Syracuse
J. Fitzgerald Group Inc 716-433-7688, Buffalo
J. MacKenzie, Ltd. 585-321-1770, Rochester
J. Michel Associates 315-859-1470, Syracuse
J. O'Connell & Associates 716-759-8580, Buffalo
J. Sloma Consulting 315-720-6915, Syracuse
J.J. Webster Marketing Inc 203-762-3537, Advertising Specialties Fairfield CT
J.M. Murray Center 607-756-9913, Fulfillment Southern Tier
J.N. White Designs 800-227-5718, Buffalo
J.T.S. Design Inc 845-338-5989, Hudson Valley
Jack Kraushaar - JFK Communications 585-248-8228, Rochester
Jack Morton Worldwide 203-851-7800, Advertising Agency Fairfield CT
Jack Schaefer 585-244-0722, Rochester
Jack Sine 845-838-1466, Hudson Valley
Jack Tom Design 203-579-0889, Graphic Designer Art Director Fairfield CT
Jack Tracy New York LLC 631-235-9670, Advertising Agency Long Island
Jacklight Productions 212-242-2562, Sound Stage Rental, Video Production Film Studio New York City
Jacob Burns Film Center 914-773-7663, Schools Westchester
Jacob's Pillow Dance 413-243-9919, Meeting & Conference Center Massachusetts
Jacobs Press, Inc. The 315-252-4861, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Syracuse
JaCorWeb 518-698-6761, Albany
Jade Design 631-928-7364, Graphic Designer Art Director Long Island
Jade Enterprises 585-385-4600, Rochester
Jade Holland 585-544-8662, Rochester
Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel 716-856-0600, Buffalo
Jager DiPaola Kemp Design 802-864-5884, Advertising Agency Vermont
Jaime Martorano Photography 914-645-4645, Westchester
Jake G. Music 585-317-3643, Rochester
Jake Warner Creative Services 716-336-5636, Southern Tier
JaKs A & E 585-721-4331, Rochester
Jamele Freelance Services 716-860-2354, Freelance Copywriter Buffalo
James Barbero 585-489-0120, Rochester
James Cox Gallery at Woodstock 845-679-7608, Art Gallery Hudson Valley
James Gurney 914-876-7746, Hudson Valley
James Kirby 860-669-8293, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Middlesex CT
James P. Harte 585-467-8266, Rochester
James P. O'Toole Consulting 203-655-8689, Public Relations Fairfield CT
James Schuck Photography 585-271-6520, Rochester
James W. Palmer Gallery 845-437-5370, Art Gallery Hudson Valley
James W. Sewall Company 607-737-1968, Digital Maps & Map Makers Vector Maps GIS Southern Tier
Jamestown Community College 716-665-5220, Schools Southern Tier
Jamestown Group Photography 440-937-4300, Photographers Cleveland
Jamestown Post-Journal, The 716-487-1111, Publication Southern Tier
Jamey Stillings Photography Inc 505-984-9999, Rochester
Jan Cunningham Design, Inc. 585-671-2742, Graphic Designer Art Director Rochester
Jana Cruder 585-461-4836, Rochester
Jane Cohn Public Relations 860-355-2848, Public Relations Fairfield CT
Jane Ford 585-314-9309, Rochester
Jane Ford 585-314-9309, Rochester
Jane Marinsky Illustration 716-881-3138, Buffalo
Janet Collinge 585-244-8727, Rochester
Janet Marie Yeates 518-863-7075, Albany
Janine DiNatale Design and Marketing 860-430-1617, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Janine Susz 585-226-6788, Rochester
Jared J. Camp 585-872-3740, Rochester
Jarek Pulit 716-465-3233, Buffalo
Jarkins Design 585-314-6377, Rochester
Jaroop 860-357-2060, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Jason Devald Design 716-693-5014, Buffalo
Jason Pedley 919-912-9519, Other
Jason Thornton 607-753-9112, Southern Tier
Jason Wheat 860-933-2103, Graphic Designer Art Director Windham CT
Jason Yungbluth 585-442-8502, Rochester
Jassen Otto 716-830-5759, Buffalo
Javier Romero Design Group 203-256-0934, Graphic Designer Art Director Fairfield CT
Jay Blotcher 845-687-2284, Hudson Valley
Jay Jacobson Corporate & Financial Relations 914-722-2737, Westchester
Jay Lincoln 585-733-8933, Rochester
Jay Marketing & Communications 585-264-3600, Advertising Agency Rochester
Jay Michael Wolf Inc 212-844-9024, Advertising Agency New York City
Jay Wolfe Productions 585-223-7822, Rochester
JC Advertising & Marketing 315-735-2505, Syracuse
JC Jones & Associates LLC 585-889-4072, Rochester
JCharlier Communication Design 716-884-3274, Buffalo
JDJ Vinyl Graphics & Signs 315-337-9387, Signs Syracuse
Jean Cosmos Copywriting and Freelance Services 607-423-9907, Southern Tier
Jean Hoyt 585-747-0051, Rochester
Jeanette Zavislan 585-383-1740, Rochester
Jeanne A Benas Art Studio 518-783-9556, Albany
Jeds Video Productions 516-353-0921, Video Production Company Long Island
JEF Computing 315-258-8330, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Syracuse
Jeff Garbaz Photography 716-822-4416, Buffalo
Jeff Lin Design and Advertising 860-674-8006, Advertising Agency Hartford CT
Jeff Moores 585-229-4603, Illustrator Rochester
Jeff Spevak 585-258-2452, Freelance Copywriter Rochester
Jeffers & Ireland Professional Corp. 203-259-7900, Fairfield CT
Jefferson Clinton Hotel 315-425-0500, Meeting & Conference Center Syracuse
Jefferson Community College 315-786-2200, Schools Syracuse
Jeffersonville Chamber Of Commerce 845-482-5688, Chambers Of Commerce Hudson Valley
Jeffrey Foote Photography 607-227-1168, Southern Tier
Jeffrey T. Barnes Photography 716-480-4492, Buffalo
JEG Design 802-345-6738, Internet Website Design & Programming Vermont
Jenna Fava Design Company 585-739-4474, Graphic Designer Art Director Rochester
Jennie Elizabeth Thomas 585-924-8063, Rochester
Jennifer Carbonel Custom Designs 585-461-0901, Rochester
Jennifer Johnson Calligraphy & Design 315-445-1224, Syracuse
Jennifer Liebman 202-746-9400, Syracuse
Jennifer McKnight 585-720-9115, Rochester
Jennifer Rorke 585-244-5976, Rochester
Jennifer Wolfe Design 585-461-4433, Rochester
Jennings & Betts Photography 914-476-5840, Westchester
Jensen Carter Photography 914-815-8239, Westchester
Jenuine Design LLC 518-459-0915, Albany
Jeri Wright, Natural Expressions 518-946-2658, Albany
Jerry Reed - Voice Talent 315-503-1313, Syracuse
Jerry Russell Illustration 315-453-2242, Syracuse
Jesse Kanclerz | Internet Marketing Consultant 585-490-6547, Rochester
Jesse Stanek Images 585-315-9986, Rochester
Jessi Group, Inc. 585-624-1920, Rochester
Jessi Rae Designs 585-758-4552, Rochester
Jessica Atkins 585-748-0101, Rochester
Jessica Wright 716-685-4541, Buffalo
Jessica Wright 716-685-4541, Buffalo
Jet Signs Of Long Island 516-249-7772, Long Island
Jet X Company 585-342-9850, Courier Services Errands Concierge Rochester
Jewish Ledger, The 585-427-2434, Publication Rochester
Jewish Observer Of Central New York 315-445-0161, Publication Syracuse
JF Direct Marketing Inc 914-762-8633, Westchester
JFH Consulting 585-225-8739, Rochester
JG Consulting 585-388-8824, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Rochester
JGL Management Consulting 315-255-3074, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Syracuse
JH Bertrand Inc. 716-631-9201, Buffalo
JH Business Communications 716-592-5790, Buffalo
JHD Productions Ltd 631-595-2818, Long Island
JHE Workcenter 203-365-6486, Package Manufacturing & Printing Fairfield CT
Jill Sheedy 585-394-2532, Rochester
Jill Singer Graphics 914-931-9021, Westchester
Jim Anderson Design 585-473-7206, Rochester
Jim Bisco 716-984-4719, Buffalo
Jim Coon Studio 860-236-5262, Photographers Hartford CT
Jim Harper Designs 607-257-3002, Southern Tier
Jim Lennon Photographer Inc 631-617-5872, Photographers Long Island
Jim McCoy Photography 716-773-3246, Buffalo
Jim Melito 585-247-2061, Rochester
Jim Pavlik Photography 607-779-2220, Southern Tier
Jim Tausch/For Want of Words 585-576-1666, Freelance Copywriter Rochester
Jimapco Inc 518-899-5091, Albany
Jinelle Shengulette 585-943-9123, Rochester
Jinelle Shengulette 585-943-9123, Rochester
JK Hanson Wordcraft 585-473-9601, Freelance Copywriter Rochester
JLB Productions 914-924-0745, Westchester
JLWeb.com 585-266-4707, Rochester
JM Communications 703-680-5071, Outside NY State
JM Photography 914-690-2724, Fairfield CT
JMB Mailing Services, Inc. 716-842-2201, Buffalo
JMBPHOTO 845-628-8036, Hudson Valley
JMC Marketing Communications & PR 845-331-1200, Hudson Valley
JMG Design 585-317-6586, Rochester
JMK Displays 585-547-9843, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Buffalo
JMR Solutions 315-986-8900, Rochester
JMT Writing Service 518-437-9074, Albany
JMV PHOTO 585-461-3859, Rochester
Jo Ann Kirkpatrick 585-227-8891, Rochester
Joan Keyser Food Styling 585-742-2959, Rochester
Joan Schuman Associates 845-338-2955, Hudson Valley
Joann Corretti 631-786-3467, Long Island
Joann Hoose Photography 518-768-2807, Albany
Joanne Andrews Illustration 585-218-9187, Illustrator Rochester
Jodange 914-595-1380, Market Research & Analysis Westchester
jodyandiane Creative Communications LLC 914-632-2576, Advertising Agency Westchester
Joe Cascio Photography 716-874-9284, Buffalo
Joe D. Outdoor 518-842-0399, Albany
Joe Elario Photography 518-434-6869, Albany
Joe Gigliotti 315-656-3736, Syracuse
Joe Glisson Productions, Inc 315-446-8967, Syracuse
Joe Murray Designs 585-670-0064, Rochester
Joe Nendza 505-369-5989, Other
Joe Paglia 585-671-3191, Rochester
Joe Scherzi Illustration 315-415-1275, Illustrator Syracuse
Joe Slade White & Company 716-912-0843, Buffalo
Joel Goldberg & Associates 716-836-8683, Human Resource Management Buffalo
John Berg Illustration 716-884-8003, Buffalo
John Brewster Creative Services 203-226-4724, Fairfield CT
john brown advertising 585-729-7026, Rochester
John C Buck 585-624-5525, Rochester
John Carr Illustrations 716-873-0080, Buffalo
John Centrone - Bethany Ridge Studio 585-395-9219, Audio Jingles & Scoring Rochester
John Davis 716-881-5537, Buffalo
John Davis 716-881-5537, Buffalo
John Dowling Photography 315-446-8189, Syracuse
John Farnach Photography 315-682-4626, Syracuse
John Fatteross Communications 203-319-9380, Advertising Agency Fairfield CT
John Frontuto 585-388-8890, Rochester
John Frontuto 585-388-8890, Rochester
John Griebsch / Photographer 315-589-4440, Rochester
John Gurtler 716-662-5468, Buffalo
John Karyus 716-791-3626, Buffalo
John Karyus 716-791-3626, Buffalo
John Kuchera Design 585-385-7998, Rochester
John Larusso 716-684-4169, Buffalo
John Larusso 716-684-4169, Buffalo
John Logan 716-472-1936, Buffalo
John MacDonald 413-458-0056, Massachusetts
John Murphy Advertising 315-788-4770, Syracuse
John N. King 585-330-4897, Internet Website Design & Programming Rochester
John Neal 585-267-7543, Rochester
John Peters Photography 716-961-0857, Buffalo
John Rigrod Advertising 631-261-4817, Advertising Agency Long Island
John Schweikhard 716-826-0104, Buffalo
John Sherman Photography 802-295-6321, Vermont
John Shotwell 716-881-9084, Buffalo
John Shotwell 716-881-9084, Buffalo
John Smillie Photography 585-262-2040, Rochester
John Smith Voice Overs 315-558-1776, Syracuse
John Takacs 716-628-0434, Buffalo
John Takacs 716-628-0434, Buffalo
John Thompson 315-426-0123, Syracuse
John Vecchiolla Photography 914-962-0047, Westchester
Johnny Sax Marketing Solutions 631-656-0458, Advertising Agency Long Island
Johnson City Publishing Co. 607-772-0687, Sheetfed Printers Southern Tier
Johnson Communications 315-655-2955, Syracuse
JOMO 203-984-4248, Advertising Agency Fairfield CT
Jon Elder Productions 716-488-0813, Photographers Southern Tier
Jon Reynolds Advertising 315-492-8555, Syracuse
Jon Wurtmann 518-321-4608, Albany
Jonathan Beach Photography 315-254-1543, Rochester
Jonathan Everitt 585-469-1190, Freelance Copywriter Rochester
Jonathan Proctor 585-421-0197, Rochester
Jooyeon Ha 585-334-0863, Rochester
Jorge Silva Illustration 585-288-4659, Rochester
Jorsek Software 585-239-6060, Rochester
Joseph Bunce 716-439-0491, Buffalo
Joseph Bunce 716-439-0491, Buffalo
Joseph Iozzi Inc 607-637-3638, Southern Tier
Joseph Minella Photography 845-855-9249, Hudson Valley
Joseph Mueller 716-875-0719, Buffalo
Joseph Pellingra Photography 585-865-9748, Rochester
Joseph Regis 516-439-9189, Long Island
Joseph Sorrentino Photography 585-241-9445, Rochester
Joseph Tardi Associates 518-782-1211, Advertising Agency Albany
Joseph Vivinetto 585-723-1584, Rochester
Josh Deutchman 914-261-6734, Westchester
Joshpe Design 585-586-1420, Rochester
JourneyManDesigns 718-753-9321, New York City
JP Computer Products Inc - Albany 518-434-6885, Albany
JP Computer Products Inc - Buffalo 716-695-0985, Buffalo
JP Computer Products Inc - Rochester 585-383-1270, Rochester
JP Computer Products Inc - Syracuse 315-437-6868, Syracuse
JP Media Inc 914-935-0600, Westchester
JP Promotional Products 914-347-2676, Advertising Specialties Westchester
JPL Communications 518-330-1682, Albany
JR Animations Co. 716-866-7331, Buffalo
JR Language Translation Services 585-935-7144, Foreign Language Translations Interpreting Services Rochester
JR Photo Design & Graphics Inc 716-856-5438, Buffalo
JR Productions 716-685-9888, Buffalo
JRH Web Design & Hosting 315-568-1816, Rochester
JRP Long Island 516-876-1000, Modeling Agencies Talent Casting Services Models Actors Voice Talent Trade Shows Long Island
JRVisuals 716-884-1000, Buffalo
JS Consulting & Productions 315-886-9544, Syracuse
JS Design 315-768-7279, Syracuse
JSM Concepts Inc 516-379-8221, Graphic Designer Art Director Long Island
JSR Applications Group, Inc. 716-689-6613, Buffalo
JSR Associates 518-523-2712, Albany
Juanita Brown Design 518-399-0705, Albany
Judd Collier Graphic Design 315-548-4123, Rochester
Judith Pratt--PenUltimate 607-273-2661, Southern Tier
Judy Wolf 315-853-6993, Syracuse
Juice Media 203-557-4259, Video Production Company Fairfield CT
JuJuLizard Digital Imaging 716-873-6887, Buffalo
Juli-Ann Cialone Photography 585-264-1856, Rochester
Julie Brown 518-392-6840, Albany
Julie Burgess Web Design 607-358-4170, Internet Website Design & Programming Southern Tier
Julie Licitra 585-787-2218, Rochester
Julie Overbeck 585-317-2558, Actors, Models, Voice Talent Rochester
Julie Winter Designs 585-328-0471, Rochester
Julie Wright Illustration & Design 585-343-6844, Rochester
Juliet Stewart 845-358-8419, Hudson Valley
Jumping Jac Design 860-355-8933, Graphic Designer Art Director Litchfield CT
Junior League Of Syracuse Inc 315-423-9773, Association Syracuse
Just Buffalo Literary Center 716-832-5400, Association Buffalo
Just Clowning Around 585-334-5753, Rochester
Just Solutions Inc 585-425-3420, Rochester
Just Us & Associates, Inc. 585-872-1554, Rochester
JWriting 585-865-8995, Rochester
JYS Management Internet Marketing 585-426-3094, Rochester

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