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I Design Ideas 716-883-7297, Buffalo NY
I Evolution Designs 585-663-7137, Rochester NY
I Flourish Consulting 212-518-6272, Buffalo NY
I-Magine 585-423-0106, Rochester NY
i-net Publishing Solutions LLC 914-682-2064, Information Management Westchester NY
i.d. 585-301-2907, Rochester NY
I21 Web Design 585-473-6736, Rochester NY
i3 Marketing Group Inc 203-761-0520, Advertising Agency Fairfield CT
i3 Mixed Media 585-529-5428, Rochester NY
Ianuzi Office Supply 315-437-7041, Syracuse NY
Ibberson On Photography 607-962-2201, Southern Tier NY
IBC Digital Inc. 716-852-1724, Buffalo NY
IC International 516-479-2200, Market Research & Analysis Long Island NY
IC9design 585-657-6379, Rochester NY
ICmedia Incorporated 888-410-2970, Rochester NY
Icom Tech Services 518-383-5668, Albany NY
Icon Digital Design & Publishing 585-352-9215, Rochester NY
Icon Films 585-738-7571, Video Production Company Rochester NY
Icon Graphics Inc. 585-424-4266, Rochester NY
Iconography 716-782-3322, Southern Tier NY
ICS Internet Consulting Services 315-443-1872, Interactive Multimedia Presentations Syracuse NY
ICT Group Inc 716-636-2000, Buffalo NY
ICTG 315-603-8284, Internet Website Design & Programming Syracuse NY
id 518-346-3399, Albany NY
id Signsystems Inc 585-266-5750, Rochester NY
id29 518-687-0268, Albany NY
ID8 Creative 607-729-8308, Southern Tier NY
Idea Connection Systems Inc 585-442-4110, Rochester NY
Idea Connections 585-271-4900, Rochester NY
Ideafirst 585-381-2150, Rochester NY
IDEAMAKERS 585-261-4680, Rochester NY
IDEAMAKERS 585-261-4680, Rochester NY
Identities Modeling Agency 212-391-1770, New York City NY
IDENTITY 585-244-8571, Rochester NY
iDesign 914-633-0088, Westchester NY
Idris Salih Photography 716-589-2001, Buffalo NY
IDS Interactive Inc 631-425-0368, Internet Website Design & Programming Long Island NY
IDS Menus 631-218-1802, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Long Island NY
IDU Creative Services + Graphic Design 585-248-5229, Graphic Designer Art Director Rochester NY
IfoloMedia 585-425-8511, Rochester NY
Ignite Worldwide Inc 585-255-2850, Rochester NY
Ihnken's Creations 607-539-3035, Southern Tier NY
IJM Interactive Inc 203-256-2775, Interactive Multimedia Presentations Fairfield CT
IKON Office Solutions Inc 585-248-6660, Office Equipment & Supplies Rochester NY
Illuminor 585-330-6609, Rochester NY
Illustrators’ Partnership of America 315-451-3220, Association Syracuse NY
IM Designworks 203-444-2728, Graphic Designer Art Director New Haven CT
Image City Photography Gallery 585-271-2540, Art Gallery Rochester NY
Image Control Inc 716-655-7557, Buffalo NY
Image Democracy Inc 914-309-5724, Training, Coaching & Workforce Development Westchester NY
Image Graphics 631-254-6698, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Long Island NY
Image Interactive 516-603-1416, Advertising Agency Long Island NY
Image Machine 585-461-1150, Rochester NY
Image Nation Photography 631-589-8772, Photographer Long Island NY
Image Quilt Productions 518-478-2208, Albany NY
ImageAgent 315-282-7581, Syracuse NY
ImageOut Film Festival 585-271-2640, Film Festivals Rochester NY
Imagery By Facciponte 585-266-8331, Rochester NY
Images & Details Inc 203-966-8203, Public Relations Fairfield CT
Images By Jet 585-352-6882, Rochester NY
Images In Design 716-565-1705, Buffalo NY
Images Now! 585-865-7451, Rochester NY
Images Unveiled Photography 585-305-6512, Rochester NY
ImageWordSound 585-732-2575, Rochester NY
ImageWork Technologies Corp 914-681-0700, Information Management Westchester NY
ImageWorks 860-647-7725, Internet Website Design & Programming Tolland CT
ImageXpres Corp 585-292-5177, Rochester NY
Imagination 518-482-1708, Albany NY
Imagination Corporation 716-938-6346, Southern Tier NY
Imagine That 716-257-5512, Southern Tier NY
Imagine That Marketing & Communications 518-581-7990, Albany NY
Imaging Solutions Inc 716-831-9150, Buffalo NY
Imaging Systems Technology 315-685-7861, Syracuse NY
IMC Advertising & Design 845-744-5668, Hudson Valley NY
IMD Associates 607-547-5411, Syracuse NY
iMed Design Inc 775-544-0914, Syracuse NY
IMG_INK 716-881-4047, Photographer Buffalo NY
Immediate Mailing Service Inc - Albany 518-465-5202, Albany NY
Immediate Mailing Service Inc - Buffalo 716-896-7160, Buffalo NY
Immediate Mailing Service Inc - Rochester 585-254-7510, Rochester NY
Immediate Mailing Service Inc - Syracuse 315-437-4189, Direct Mail Services Syracuse NY
Immediate Productions 518-369-2078, Albany NY
Impact Associates 518-891-7764, Training, Coaching & Workforce Development Albany NY
Impact Promotionz 716-649-2128, Buffalo NY
Impax Metal Products 585-328-3680, Signs Rochester NY
Imperatives Inc 518-356-5160, Albany NY
Impressive Imprints 716-692-0905, Buffalo NY
Imprintable Solutions Ink 585-482-4400, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Rochester NY
Imprinted Originals 631-979-0283, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Long Island NY
Imprints4All 585-454-2520, Advertising Specialties Rochester NY
Imtek Productions 856-467-0047, Commercial Printers Digital Printing New Jersey
In House Graphic Design, Inc. 315-539-9004, Rochester NY
Inalign Inc 315-479-0330, Syracuse NY
Inalign Inc 315-479-0330, Syracuse NY
InCommand Technologies Inc 607-936-5066, Southern Tier NY
Incredible Graphics 585-381-7990, Rochester NY
Indaro 585-321-9588, Rochester NY
Indawoods Audio 315-964-2422, Syracuse NY
Independence Industrial Products 585-352-7900, Packaging Supplies & Equipment Rochester NY
Independent Baptist Voice 607-775-0472, Publication Southern Tier NY
Independent Mirror 315-963-7813, Publication Syracuse NY
Independent Photographers Network 646-654-5400, Stock Libraries New York City NY
Independent Theatrical Installations 585-394-4220, Set Design, Scenery & Prop Construction Rochester NY
Indexing Research 212-633-0994, New York City NY
Indigo Design 315-696-6765, Syracuse NY
Industrial Designers Society Of America 315-882-1127, Association Syracuse NY
Industry Analysts, Inc. 585-314-0025, Rochester NY
Industry Online Inc 585-720-1763, Rochester NY
Inergex Inc 716-829-1000, Buffalo NY
Inergex Inc - Rochester 585-613-4400, Rochester NY
Infamous Graphics 518-459-7446, Albany NY
Infinite Media Corporation 631-756-6000, Internet Website Design & Programming Long Island NY
Infinitely Kreative 716-998-4016, Buffalo NY
Infinity Outdoor 800-336-3403, Buffalo NY
Infinity Productions 716-864-1900, Buffalo NY
Infinity Relations 516-510-6176, Long Island NY
Info Advantage, Inc. 585-254-8710, Rochester NY
Informatica ECS, Inc 585-256-0401, Rochester NY
Information Communications 585-381-5096, Rochester NY
Information Now 585-314-7731, Rochester NY
Information Packaging Corporation 315-986-5793, Rochester NY
Information Systems Staffing, Inc. 315-449-1838, Syracuse NY
Informz Inc 518-691-0071, Albany NY
Infotech Niagara 716-856-8123, Economic Development Agencies Buffalo NY
Infusion Communications 860-554-0651, Hartford CT
Ingenious, Inc. 716-855-8550, Buffalo NY
InHouse Video Creative Services 914-788-6704, Westchester NY
Initial Design 585-224-8682, Rochester NY
Initital Reaction 518-392-4287, Textile, Industrial Screen Printer Albany NY
Ink Creative 585-223-7262, Rochester NY
Ink Impressions 585-392-4391, Rochester NY
Inkspot Screenprinting 315-342-9115, Textile, Industrial Screen Printer Syracuse NY
InkSpots Digital Media 716-681-7930, Buffalo NY
Inkwell Press 716-662-4200, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Buffalo NY
Inkwell Studio Inc 914-674-5900, Westchester NY
Inkwell Studios 716-868-5645, Illustrator Buffalo NY
inLighten 716-759-7750, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits
Inmark Services 315-468-4046, Syracuse NY
Inn At Holiday Valley 716-699-2345, Meeting & Conference Center Southern Tier NY
Inn On Broadway 585-232-3595, Meeting & Conference Center Rochester NY
Inner League Enterprises 585-461-5905, Rochester NY
Inner Loop Comedy Productions 585-254-6256, Rochester NY
Inner Trek 585-223-0153, Rochester NY
Innervate Systems 607-759-4240, Internet Website Design & Programming Southern Tier NY
InnerWorkings 716-634-4693, Buffalo NY
Innovation Resources Inc 716-631-3564, Buffalo NY
Innovative Display & Design 203-335-0633, Displays & Trade Show Exhibits Fairfield CT
Innovative Integrated Solutions LLC 716-877-1000, Buffalo NY
Innovative Solutions 585-292-5070, Rochester NY
Innovision Productions, Inc. 315-637-2451, Syracuse NY
Inphorm Inc 518-523-9258, Albany NY
Inquisition Films 585-426-2625, Rochester NY
Inquisition Films 585-426-2625, Rochester NY
Ins & Outs Studio 845-256-0899, Hudson Valley NY
Inscale Models Inc 585-546-2430, Set Design, Scenery & Prop Construction Rochester NY
InSearch Worldwide Corporation 203-355-3000, Fairfield CT
Inside Albany Productions 518-426-3771, Albany NY
Insider 585-232-7100, Rochester NY
Insight International 716-308-6208, Buffalo NY
InSight Marketing 914-777-9700, Advertising Agency Westchester NY
Insight Personal & Professional Coaching 585-377-7158, Rochester NY
Insights International Inc 607-564-9422, Southern Tier NY
Insite Marketing 585-329-8313, Rochester NY
Instant Monogramming Inc 585-654-5550, Rochester NY
Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth 716-878-2440, Buffalo NY
Insty-Prints 716-634-5966, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Buffalo NY
Insyte Consulting 716-636-3626, Marketing Consultant Strategic Planning Buffalo NY
Intec 585-336-2499, Rochester NY
Integra Marketing 585-748-8880, Rochester NY
Integral Computer Services, Inc. 585-232-2270, Rochester NY
Integrated Cabling & Communication Systems 585-436-1850, Telecom Equipment Rochester NY
Integrated Corporate Relations 203-682-8200, Public Relations Fairfield CT
Integrated Design Systems Inc 516-482-2181, Product Design & Development Long Island NY
Integrated Filing Systems 585-377-6480, Information Management Rochester NY
Integrated Marketing Services 315-433-1190, Advertising Agency Syracuse NY
Integrated Marketing Solutions 518-877-0285, Albany NY
Integrated Systems Solutions Corp. 585-924-8670, Rochester NY
Integrity Graphics Inc 860-688-5200, Commercial Printers Digital Printing Hartford CT
Integrity Networking Systems 585-598-3300, Rochester NY
Integrity Tek 315-696-5505, Internet Website Design & Programming Syracuse NY
IntellaMarketing Group 716-580-3555, Buffalo NY
Intelligent Designs 315-424-0707, Syracuse NY
Intelligent Office 516-873-8880, Office Environments Long Island NY
Intelligent Query Engines, Inc. 315-424-1135, Syracuse NY
Intellizent Group Inc 585-624-7998, Rochester NY
INTERACT, LLC 716-438-8407, Buffalo NY
Interactive Artists 607-387-3793, Southern Tier NY
Interactive Data 781-687-8500, Massachusetts
Interactive Design Studio 585-242-2329, Rochester NY
Interactive Media Consulting LLC 518-587-5107, Albany NY
Interactive Partners In Marketing 585-272-0430, Rochester NY
Interactive Video Conferencing Center 585-232-1550, Rochester NY
Interactive Visions Inc 845-226-5795, Hudson Valley NY
Interactive Visual Productions 716-636-4938, Buffalo NY
Interface Internet Promotions 585-394-1033, Rochester NY
Interior Design Association Of WNY 716-208-5159, Association Buffalo NY
Interiors Unlimited 315-339-0031, Syracuse NY
Interlaken Review 607-387-3181, Publication Southern Tier NY
International Art Acquisitions, Inc. 585-264-1440, Art Gallery Rochester NY
International Coach Federation 585-359-1910, Association Rochester NY
International Institute Of Buffalo 716-883-1900, Buffalo NY
International Internet Consultants 585-242-0306, Rochester NY
International Paper 518-585-5460, Paper Manufacturers Albany NY
International Resources Group Inc 866-755-9733, Association Rochester NY
International Resources Group Inc 866-755-9733, Association Rochester NY
International Special Events Society 315-446-3915, Association Syracuse NY
International TV-RFIT Cable 17 585-482-9999, Television Stations Rochester NY
Internet & Media Professionals 585-425-9176, Internet Website Design & Programming Rochester NY
Internet Marketing for Business 315-294-0104, Syracuse NY
Internet Marketing Magicians 607-330-1547, Southern Tier NY
Internet Marketing Solutions 585-301-2434, Rochester NY
Internet Services Group 716-655-0055, Buffalo NY
Interoc.Com Internet Services 585-473-3767, Internet Website Design & Programming Rochester NY
InterPersonal Net 585-889-3144, Rochester NY
Interpretek 585-235-7500, Rochester NY
Interpretek 585-235-7500, Rochester NY
InterTech Media 203-967-1800, Internet Website Design & Programming Fairfield CT
Interweb Technology Inc 585-254-0705, Rochester NY
Intex Exhibit Systems 585-506-9127, Rochester NY
Inventive Solutions Inc 315-429-8782, Albany NY
Invision.Com Inc 631-864-0271, Internet Website Design & Programming Long Island NY
INX International Ink Co 585-647-3960, Rochester NY
INX International Ink Co 518-272-0200, Albany NY, Inc. 585-427-8180, Rochester NY
iPartners, Inc. 518-762-6080, Albany NY
IPG Quickprint 607-273-7414, Southern Tier NY
Ira Srole Photography 585-325-5623, Rochester NY
Ira Weiss 845-773-9270, Hudson Valley NY
Irene Haupt 716-886-4718, Buffalo NY
Iris Kirkwood 716-834-2740, Buffalo NY
Irish Designs 631-672-9246, Graphic Designer Art Director Long Island NY
iroc design 585-733-0497, Rochester NY
Iron Design 607-275-9544, Southern Tier NY
Irondequoit Post 585-342-9450, Publication Rochester NY
Irwin Communications 585-264-9236, Rochester NY
Isaf/Merkur Studio 607-756-0849, Southern Tier NY
Isca Design Studio 315-313-4722, Syracuse NY
Islanders Business Club 516-501-6700, Association Long Island NY
IslandFX 631-835-7301, Animation Services Long Island NY
Isometric Design 585-723-5716, Rochester NY
Israel Singer 518-482-3325, Albany NY
ISRisk 585-230-3516, Rochester NY
IT Monkey 585-455-2694, Rochester NY
IT Solutions Group 716-961-1600, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Buffalo NY
IT TechStop Inc 877-703-4357, Albany NY
It's About Time Advertising, LLC 845-787-5848, Hudson Valley NY
ITA Inc 585-328-7380, Rochester NY
Italian American Community News 585-594-8882, Publication Rochester NY
iTextUSA Mobile Marketing 607-339-9774, Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Child 607-387-6534, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca College 607-274-3830, Schools Southern Tier NY
Ithaca College News 607-274-3830, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca College Quarterly 607-274-3830, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca College Television 607-274-1043, Southern Tier NY
Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School Of Communications 607-274-1021, Schools Syracuse NY
Ithaca Community News 607-272-4330, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Journal 607-272-2321, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Motion Picture Project 607-266-9470, Film Festivals Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Parent & Teen 607-327-1226, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Times 607-277-7000, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca Tri-Village Pennysaver Advantage 607-273-1611, Publication Southern Tier NY
Ithaca/Tompkins County Visitors Bureau 607-272-1313, Meeting Conventions & Visitors Bureaus Southern Tier NY
ITi Productions, Inc. 585-261-6829, Rochester NY
ITi Productions, Inc. 585-261-6829, Rochester NY
ITownVideo 585-742-5486, Rochester NY
ITS Models And Talent Management Company 717-509-3890, Pennsylvania
ITT Technical Institute - Buffalo 716-689-2200, Schools Buffalo NY
ITT Technical Institute - Syracuse 315-461-8000, Schools Syracuse NY
ITX 585-899-4800, Rochester NY
iVergent, Inc 716-871-8020, Computer Services, Repair, Networking Buffalo NY
Iyna Bort Caruso 516-594-8578, Freelance Copywriters Editors Proofreaders Long Island NY
Izon Productions 716-652-9912, Buffalo NY

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